Settlement is done in 5 working days after 20th of each month. The settleable amount in 20th of each month will be settled to the last Sheba (IBAN) entered in the system. Entered Sheba (IBAN) must be assigned to the name of developer in the system and developer is responsible for any mistakes on entering Sheba (IBAN). For more info please contact

If the price of an app is 100 RLS then Bazaar receives each user 109 RLS containing 100 RLS for app price and 9 RLS for VAT and then Bazaar pays developer 70 RLS.

Please note that you fix user paying amount which is app price plus VAT, not only app price.

If you have submitted in VAT, Please contact

For International (Non Iranian) Developers:

  • On 10th of each month, we ask you to send an invoice, if the settleable amount is above the minimum settleable amount.
  • The minimum payable amount is USD 2,000 at the time being.
  • You should send the invoice within 3 working days, if you want to order a settlement.
  •  Invoices should be issued to AVA HAMRAH HOOSHMAND HEZARDASTAN, INC. and included your bank account details.
  • As soon as we receive the invoice, we initiate the payment process which will take about 7 working days.
  • You should confirm the settlement in 10 working days. If we receive no confirmation after that, we assume that it has been done successfully.
  • Transaction fee is $50-$150 per transaction which will be deducted by the exchange office.
  •  If you are using Ad network platform (ADAD) we automatically aggregate the revenue coming from ADAD platform to Bazaar settleable amount. 

For instance, assume that you have 1300$ in your Bazaar account and 800$ in your ADAD account. Then, we ask you to send two invoices, one for Bazaar and one for ADAD, since the total amount (USD 2,100) is more than minimum settleable amount, though we’ll transfer it in a single transaction to reduce the cost of transaction.


For Local (Iranian) Developers:

The following information are needed for settlement:

    • Phone number
    • The name of the bank account’s owner which should be unique for future payments.

The payment terms are as follows:

    • The minimum payable amount is 3,000,000 IRR.
    • The last settlement request cannot be less than 2 weeks ago.
    • The settlements will be done in 20th of each Persian month if the conditions above are met.
    • The amounts less than 3,000,000 IRR will be settled at the end of the Persian year if Developer requests for it.